Night of Worship at Hill City

As part of our relocation plan from Belle Vue, we had to reconsider some of the programs we hold dear as a community.

Worship_Night_HillAnd after a time of  deliberations and consultations we had to reach thte difficult decision of putting on hold the Saturday service which was convenient and fantastic for many particularly those who work on Sundays.

One other program that was amazing for the community and yet we had to put on hold was the worship night. The worship night had grown to be an amazing place to wind up the month with a time of exuberant music, praise, prayer and worship and a sense of community.

Now that we have settled at Hill City, God has provided us with an opportunity to bring back the Night of Worship!! So this Friday 21st/11/2014 Pst. Mike Onen and Mavuno Worship music team invite you to the first worship night at Mavuno Church Hill City!!

Mavuno Fearless Awards

According to the outcome of a recent survey, 60% of mavunites are actively involved in civic of communal engagement in 5 sectors of society.


These are politics and governance, health and environment, family and education, media and the arts, business and economics and church and missions.

This is the what makes the Mavuno family a remarkable story of men and women who are willing to live out their faith in the public square.

Most often the discipleship programs have been faulted for making people act like Christians but not necessarily think like Christians.

That’s why this and every November we take the time to celebrate the many men and women, who in their own terms, in the obscurity and with the resources that they have, choose to make a difference in the culture and society they reside in.

On 28th of November we will be hosting our 2014 Mavuno Fearless Awards at Mavuno churches. It will be a time of hailing the fearless influencers of culture and society in our midst.


Road Construction

The road construction at Stage 39 to Hill City area is finally beginning. No more Rhino charge on Sundays!! As the construction is carried out we will have to use alternative routes to access the Mavuno Church and the surrounding estates.

Hill_City_Direction copy

Project Phases                                                                                                                   The project will start with the construction of the Bridge outside sunset Boulevard estate before the overall grading is done. We hope this will improve accessibility and ease movement to and out of Hill City.In the meantime you are kindly advised to use the alternative routes provided.

From town                                                                                                                          You exit the Mombasa bound main trunk road,at the Namanga interchange by the slip road, then turn left onto the dirt road, drive for about 40 meters and turn onto the tarmac road on your right, heading to the London Distillers drive along the empty stretch of field next to the London distillers. At the end of the stretch turn right and drive on until you come to Hill Crest apartments.Drive on past the Hill Crest apartments and into Mavuno Hill City.

From Athi River & Kitengela                                                                                            Drive on to the Mombasa- Namanga road interchange and pick up on the same route as those driving from town.

For more inquiries please call or send a mail to the contacts below on Tuesday – Sunday between 8-4pm

Address: P.O. Box 27584 – 00506 Nairobi
254 – 720-051763
254 – 738-250432
254 – 20 – 2304773/4


Fearless Acres- New Developments

Mavuno exists to turn ordinary people into fearless influencers of society, and appreciates that wealth creation is a great lever to influence.


For many years we as Mavuno have desired to provide both the congregation and staff(with) affordable opportunities to be property owners.

Working with the support of a fearless Mavunite, 40 acres of Lukenya land was identified and a favorable price was negotiated (30% below market rate). As it stands now over 230 of the 300 plots have been booked and the registration fee paid up!

The 40 acres has been divided into 300 plots that go for 700,000/= which is 30% below market price. For each 1/8 acre plot sold Mavuno church will get a contribution of 100,000/= from the investors totalling 30 million shillings, towards the Count Me In initiative.

The special introductory offer expires 15th September 2014, after which the prices will self correct to the market value. As we close the period of the offer what it means is that anyone who has expressed interest and has not paid the 10% should do so by Friday next week.  The plots where the 10% deposit has not been paid will be put on the market at a price closer to the Market Price of KES 1.0 Million.

For inquiries regarding #FearlessAcres send an email to or call :0707-401-378 or 0734550039

Mavuno Money Fair

One day before the throne of God he will ask what did you do with all the wealth I gave you? Some of us will answer what wealth? And he will answer, “well peter, when you started working at the age of 25 in 2014, I gave you a job where you earned 25,000 a month, it wasn’t much,but at 27 yrs. I gave you a raise to 35,000 a month and then when you turned 30, I started giving you 60,000 a month. 


At the age of 35yrs I gave you 140,000 monthly when you were 40, you were earning 300,000 ksh, a month and at the age of 45, I blessed your little business and you were now earning, nearly 1M a month at the age of 55 which was your peak, your 3 business were earning at least 1.5 M a month and at 65 when Continue reading

Fourth Month At Hill City

This past weekend we marked the 21st Sunday for the Mavuno family at Hill City.


In March at Hill City we had an amazing first service here we also held our Launch service at Hill City on the 29th of March, to celebrate our settling into our new home here, we also had an incredible Count Me In updates.

In April we hosted our Family Fun Day, constructed the utilities needed at the facility, which included the lower parking lot, footpaths, the children classes, drainage and the preteens dome.

In May the developments involved a pilot project for landscaping beginning with the land next to the lower parking lot.. There was also construction of the water tanks, laying carbro on the marathon classes area, the leveling of the remaining mounds in the compound and the construction of the baby central area.,

In June we moved offices from Belle Vue- Drive In, reconfigured the Main Dome sound, lighting and screen displays, launched the Fearless Acres initiative, we had the amazing series WINNING: Don’t let life stop you by our senior Pst. Muriithi Wanjau.

In July, We have had an array of speakers taking us through the series #Bold: Living daring, purposeful lives. It is surprising how time flies, this marked the end of the fourth month at the Hill City campus. We also relaunched the Fearless Acres initiative in the other 2 Nairobi Mavuno church campuses, held the Healing and Worship Weekend and seminar and service and hosted the High-school student rally by our teens church.

In August we have Pst. Oscar Muriu taking us through the sermon series, The Four Horsemen Of Financial Ruin. Mavuno 58 at Buruburu is about to relaunch and start  a Sunday service from the Saturday 4-6 pm service.

It is amazing what the Lord has done in our midst in the last four months, since we moved to our own home-Hill City. We thank all of you for being fearless and being apart of the Mavuno Family.


Fearless Acres

Last year, in the process of moving to our Hill City campus, we identified a group of investors* who were willing to invest in our dream to create an investment project that would benefit all Mavunites but also raise funds for our capital campaign. They undertook to pay the full cost for purchase of a well situated 40 acre property and to further add value to it including fencing, borehole, road grading and utilities. The land borders the Great South Eastern bypass linking Nairobi to Kangundo at the Joska area.


The 30 acre property has a perimeter fence, club house, good access roads, water and electricity, and a controlled development Continue reading

Happy Fathers Day

For your support, encouragement and believing in us- we are grateful. For striving to balance the demands of work, marriage, and children-we salute you. To those who have worked to become good fathers, even without the benefit of hindsight and example-may God enrich you with wisdom, love and insight.Fathe

To those who were not always there for their children, but who now offer their love and support-may God help you redeem the lost years. To those wounded by the neglect, distance and hostility of their children- may God grant you grace and healing.

To those who, despite divorce, have remained in their children’s lives- may you reap a reward for your diligence, strength and sacrifice. To those whose children are adopted, and whose love and support has offered healing and refuge- we cannot thank you enough.

Stepfathers, who freely choose the obligation of fatherhood and earned their step-children’s love and respect-we value your commitment. Those fathers who have lost a child to death-may God comfort you.

To those who are single and hope to raise a family- may you know God is with you as you prepare for the journey of fatherhood. black-father-son-grandfatherFor those anticipating grandchildren- may God give you patience and grace. To the overwhelmed, exhausted, and in need of replenishment- May you receive Gods refreshment in this season-you are appreciated.  For mentor dads, foster fathers, grandfathers and spiritual fathers-we celebrate you. To all who have warm and close relationship with your children-we celebrate with you.

To those men who are about to become first time fathers this year-may they openly delight in you. To those who lost their dads-we grieve with you.To men who have no children, but cherish the next generation as if they were their own-we appreciate you. This Fathers Day we celebrate all the men in our midst – we cannot celebrate you enough, so to all fathers, all our men.  WE SAY THANK YOU.

On a lighter note.

4 years: My Daddy can do anything!
7 years: My Dad knows a lot…a whole lot.
8 years: My father does not know quite everything.
12 years: Oh well, naturally Father does not know that either.
14 years: Oh, Father? He is hopelessly old-fashioned.
21 years: Oh, that man-he is out of date!
25 years: He knows a little bit about it, but not much.
30 years: I must find out what Dad thinks about it.
35 years: Before we decide, we will get Dad’s idea first.
50 years: What would Dad have thought about that?
60 years: My Dad knew literally everything!
65 years: I wish I could talk it over with Dad once more.  Adapted from

Happy Fathers day…