9 years of Lifechange

The launch of Mavuno Hill City this past Sunday March 30th 2014 was the culmination of 9 Afteryears of transformative experience for thousands of lives.

This launch marked a twofold moment, it was a time to pause and reflect on the goodness of God and how his work on the cross has impacted lives at Mavuno church but also a time to chat the future course for more transformation.

The experience for individuals through the Mizizi experience, life change in marriages and families through the Ndoa and Lea experiences, positive change in workplaces because of the Ombi experience and societal transformation through the Hatua experience.Afters

It was a time when many boldly stepped up to declare their freedom in Christ from various dysfunctions that have held them back from living for God in their personal  lives, work spaces and the society. It marked by prayer and thanksgiving for what God has done in our lives. Nine years of thousands of ‘befores’ and  ‘afters’

Count Me In Update

SpeedometereNow into our fifth week at Hill City the work to beautify and complete our Hill City home goes on apace.This past weekend our giving was Ksh 1.9 million which puts the  total Count Me In contributions to date at Ksh 195,254,573.58.


Psalms 127:1 states ” Unless the Lord builds the house, its builders labor in vain. Unless the Lord watches over Continue reading

Road Development

Mavuno Hill City, the surrounding estates and the county government have been in consultation regarding the roads to the Hill City area. The good news is the government has already sourced for contractors to build and maintain the road leading to the Hill City facility and the neighboring estates.Hill City Road


These development will affect the entire loop road from stage 39 Continue reading

March 30th Launch

Historic moments are often few and far between, and Mavuno church has one such moment on the last Sunday of March. For the last eight years the Mavuno family has taken thousands through its life changing experiences in the Mavuno marathon.


But all along it has been on a quest to acquire a home which is to serve as the headquarters for the Mavunos global movement as well as provide Continue reading

Kudos to Our Hill City Team

Over the last two years Mavuno family has been on a journey to move into Hill City their new home and headquarters for the Mavuno family of churches. The preparation and move to Hill City has laid on the shoulders of a number of men and women in the Mavuno family.

Hill_City_KaziWe celebrate the service providers who have availed materials, skills and expertise, the many associates who Continue reading

First Service At Hill City

This past weekend 02/03/2014 marked a historic moment for the Mavuno family and to the Hill City area as it marked the first Sunday service in our new Hill City Campus.  Thousands of Mavunites thronged into the facility for both the  9:00 am and 12:00 pm services.


It was a time of song and dance, joy and celebration as many thanked God for this new face of the journey for Mavuno Church. “We are finally home”, was the overall Continue reading

Belle Vue Comes Down…

This morning the tents that was the Main Dome at the Belle Vue grounds and the overflow tent have been brought down. The workers at the facility brought down the tent amidst the windy conditions and scorching heat. This was the last major step in our winding down the use of the Belle Vue site for church services on Sundays.



This Main Dome will be used as the main church for the Teenz Konnect- our youth church while the overflow tent will be the main dome area for the Greenhouse-our children ministry. The main church will be housed at the new mega dome brought in and established at Hill City.

Finders keepers II

From the makers of Happily Ever After, Woman Worth Fighting For and Finders Keepers I, a new exciting, insightful and inspiring Finders Keepers II this March 2014: How to find and keep the one.

In a six part series we get to explore the joys, hurts, challenges, defining moments and stages of relationships the dream stages with its excitement and bliss, the drama stage with its Continue reading