Jade’s Amazing Testimony

My name is Jade Gichuri, and this is my testimony of God’s goodness.

In 2008 a friend of mine invited me to Mavuno for the money series. I think they just felt sorry for me because I had many issues. I was struggling with the shame and the struggles of a failed marriage, finances (as much as i was still getting a lot of help wasnt managing) i felt my life was over, without hope or even a great future. I had three kids and was in serious debt as meeting all our needs was quite a task.

When I came, I heard about Mizizi and eventually joined it, and ended up in a wonderful Life-Group (a Mavuno small group). What I found interesting Continue reading

The Mukuria’s Amazing Testimony

The opportunity that Mavuno Church has given to contribute for the land purchase is a Blessing from God. As a response to Gods love, my wife and I committed to give.

In January, we committed to give our salary, it was tough because we had just moved house. Amazingly, because of committing, In that same month, a friend of ours gave us a shopping voucher that she had committed to give us for our wedding in July. The shopping lasted us about 2 months! Continue reading

Vision Nights

Mavuno Church is entering a very exciting time as a community. In 2013, and after almost seven years of uncertainty, we will finally have a new home!

Because of the importance of this move, and the significant ramifications on our community, it is critical that we as a community engage around all the important questions and concerns as we consider this next step. Continue reading

Worker Next Door

In the Mavuno staff meeting this past week, we heard the fascinating story of a gentleman called Nehemiah – a story definitely worth sharing!

The book of Nehemiah tells the fascinating story of how a servant in the king’s household returned to his home in Judah to get the important work of rebuilding the walls of his beloved city of Jerusalem, walls that had been broken down and whose gates had been burned in fire.

Chapter 3, in particular, is fascinating because Continue reading

Two Encouraging Stories

When we began conversations about relocating Mavuno Church to a its new home, the one verse we quoted again and again was Zechariah 4:6 “Not by might nor by power, but by my Spirit,’ says the LORD Almighty“. Our belief is that the things that God is calling us to do cannot be accomplished in our own strength, and that we would need to rely fuly on His ability. Some Mavunites have began to test their faith and do just that, and we thank God for some of the testimonies we have received as people have given. Here’s two of them posted on our blog.

From: “His Daughter”
On Sunday when we were asked those who are willing to contribute to stand up and be prayed for, I have never stood up in church before but this time round, I did.. Continue reading

A Radical Question

Hi Fearless Influencer,

Our development team shared at our services this past weekend some of the progress on our relocation project. They include…

  • Our landlord has agreed to increase our tenancy to end of July and we are still negotiating with him for end of 2012
  • We are seeking this year to raise at least 180M to secure and occupy the property and so far are glad to announce we have a total commitment of Ksh. 90M between Jan-May 2012!

Along with these developments, they shared several threats or challenges that they have come across… Continue reading