Worker Next Door

In the Mavuno staff meeting this past week, we heard the fascinating story of a gentleman called Nehemiah – a story definitely worth sharing!

The book of Nehemiah tells the fascinating story of how a servant in the king’s household returned to his home in Judah to get the important work of rebuilding the walls of his beloved city of Jerusalem, walls that had been broken down and whose gates had been burned in fire.

Chapter 3, in particular, is fascinating because it offers a roll-call of all the people who participated in helping rebuild the wall. What is interesting is that as Nehemiah encouraged the people to participate, different people and families put their hands up to rebuild sections of the wall adjacent to each other.

Each one became the “worker next door” to the next, and in a record time of 52 days, each had completed their section and the entire wall was up. Now some rebuilt larger sections than others, but there was no break in the chain; every “worker next door” played their part.

Over the next few months, God is calling you and I to become the “worker next door”, and play a part, whether large or small, in ensuring that we settle in the land God intends for us. Being the “worker next door” means joining the rest of the Mavuno family in prayer, giving towards our relocation and being an advocate and ambassador for Mavuno within your own cirlces.

Join in today! Be “the worker next door”!!

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