Jade’s Amazing Testimony

My name is Jade Gichuri, and this is my testimony of God’s goodness.

In 2008 a friend of mine invited me to Mavuno for the money series. I think they just felt sorry for me because I had many issues. I was struggling with the shame and the struggles of a failed marriage, finances (as much as i was still getting a lot of help wasnt managing) i felt my life was over, without hope or even a great future. I had three kids and was in serious debt as meeting all our needs was quite a task.

When I came, I heard about Mizizi and eventually joined it, and ended up in a wonderful Life-Group (a Mavuno small group). What I found interesting about this church, is that unlike the rest of society, where I felt emotionally and physically battered, no one there judged or condemned me. The God I encountered, forgave, loved and accepted me. He gave me hope. Even with all my issues, everyone was very accepting of me.

In March of 2010 I was invited to the Leaders Day, and that was the first time I heard about giving towards Mavuno’s building fund. Because of the great things that this church has contributed towards my own life, not giving was not even an option. But what I felt God tell me to give was incredible. I got a very clear sense that God was asking me to give…one million shillings!!

This was such a bad idea, because at the time, not only was I in serious debt, I was also struggling just meeting the basic needs. I was at a place where i was scared to even eat in my own house lest there isnt enough for the kids the next day; many times all I had was tea and bread. My life was in crisis, and even though i didn’t understand why God asked me to write this amount, i did.

I even struggled writing down the actual number of zeroes on the pledge card. In fact, one week before this, my brother had just passed away and been buried, and I didn’t understand all this. Still, i wrote this impossible pledge down, and handed it in in faith, not knowing how in the world I would raise this.

There were many legal issues going on due to my marriage ending. I had a mortgage and because i couldnt service it the financiers auctioned it, and I wasn’t even expecting to get anything. But thank God I got some money which enabled me to pay the million and pay all my debts, even though the temptation was to get into another mortgage.

My people thought i was mad. Mum did not speak to me for three weeks because she thought I was crazy. (What cult do you belong to?) I got extra money and paid my debts and gave one million.

Finally i thought, its time to leave without money baggage, and after several money series was confident will be able to live within my means. Then a month after giving, God says i join internship in Mavuno. What! it was a very hard thing to obey, but i did after much struggle, did the interview.

Then i got a call that the Pastors have prayed and God says i join in January and not September as i had requested. It was very hard for me to understand, it felt like rejection and also got confused wondering whether i had from God in the first place.

Then several months down the line, the most amazing thing happened. Just as I was ready to resign, and end up with no income, God did an amazing thing. The company I worked for merged with another and I was retrenched! The severance package was nearly 2 times the amount of money i gave! Glory to God!!

My decision to stretch my faith and obey God in pledging, and later in planning to quit my job to do the Mavuno internship, was very scary, with many potential pitfalls. But it has grown my faith in ways I would have never imagined, and I now I have discovered my purpose and I’m living it out in big ways.

I have learnt, that obedience to God is the way to live. It doesnt matter what is going on around you, the circumstances, what matters is what God says. Life will always be happening, as it does it shouldnt stop us obeying God in every area of our lives.

Everyday now i live with so much expectation, knowing God is not done with me, and this is just the beggining!!

3 thoughts on “Jade’s Amazing Testimony

  1. all i can say is wow……i remember reading somewhere in the bible that obedience is better than sacrifice..now i know what i need to do.God bless you much much more

  2. Hey Jade,what a wonderful testimony,it is so encouraging of what God can do if only we leave all our burdens to Him.What a Mighty God.Faith is a product of Risk and a after risk comes a mighty warrior.Your Testimony is such powerful.

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