Locked & Loaded: Mavuno’s Leaders’ Day 2012

On Saturday 17th March 2012, over 700 leaders from across the 3 Mavuno Campuses (Central, Downtown and Mashariki) gathered for what was an exciting edition of our annual Leaders day. Dubbed Locked & Loaded, some of the highlights of the day included celebration of the highlights of 2011, an interview on “How to invest in difficult times” with Centum C.E.O James Mworia, an outlook on 2012 shared by Senior Pastor Muriithi Wanjau, and great conversation around “Count Me In

James Mworia & Pastor Mwaniki Share A Laugh

There was cause for great celebration regarding our relocation initiaitive, as we heard that of our Ksh. 650 million target, we have collected over 7.7 million and have pledges amounting to over Ksh. 89 million. In smaller groups, groups debated the ‘dangerous question’ – “what would it take for us to raise the 600M in 2012?“, and came up with some great suggestions, that are currently being considered.

Here’s what some people had to say about Locked & Loaded:

It’s really interesting being here today because I remember attending the 2005 Leaders Day (I remeber because that is when I got saved). At that time, the entire congregation could fit into a single photo. Today, even the Mavuno leaders alone cannot do that. God is at work in Mavuno. About the move, I say the move is non-negotiable. It’s about time!”
Shalom Munyiri – GreenHouse teacher – Mavuno Central

“This move is exciting, and very visionary. Being a business owner off Mombasa Road, it is evident that is the direction Nairobi is growing, so it is very strategic. It is an ideal location. And as far as giving is concerned, count me in! This is an opportunity for individuals and companies to give strategically, and position themselves to invest in congregations in Africa.”
Mwongela Mbuvi – Mavuno Downtown

I personally experienced God when I gave towards the first move.
Here are some things that God can only do when we move”.
Richard “Astar” Njau – Service Host – Mavuno Central

Honestly, the move is quite scary and i timidating. There are many dynamics and giants. But i also believe there are many opportunities. I have been at Mavuno since day one, and I am thoroughly invested here. Even though i am a little intimidated, you can count me in!”
Cynthia Konana – Usher – Mavuno Central

“The move is very progressive and strategic. The fact is that we are currently leasing, and so we’ll never develop the required momentum. We can only stretch our resources so far, which robs us of opportunities for growth. I’m excited”.
Hezekiah Muleshe – Mashariki

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