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As people have continued to engage with “Count Me In”, our faith has been greatly challenged as we have heard about ordinary men and women who are trusting God in big and in small ways.

Our commitment is to highlight at least one of these stories every week or so in the hope that we will all be challenged in our own faith. Do you have a faith story you would like to share, whether large or small? Let us know on 

Paul Mbugua - During one of the services, I gave USD 50 which was pretty much all I had at the time. Even after giving “all I had”, I felt challenged to give more and as a result made a faith pledge for 1 month’s salary for a job I did not have…Read More


Josephine Wangui - I signed up for the first season of Mizizi in 2012, and after completing the experience, my fellow Mizizites and i enjoyed it so much that we decided to form a life-group. Together with this crazy fun-loving bunch of people, we formed Armor-Bearers…Read More


 Rose Wahome - At the beginning of the on Count Me In campaign, I was seated at the back of the church next to my husband, listening to Pst M give a compelling challenge. The challenge was to give one month’s salary towards the move.  At that time, we… Read More


 Sarah Ogola - Three weeks ago, long after attending two vision nights and many having countless conversations with God, I felt a strong conviction to honour my first pledge. This was hard for me to do because as an intern, I only get an allowance… Read More


Pau & Joan Otieno - When my wife (Joan) and I came for Leaders Day earlier in the year, we heard about the relocation effort and about Mavuno 3.0. At this point we decided to each give two months salary towards this…Read More


Patrick Chege - In 2011 I had given a big chunk of my savings to various christian projects; in my view 2012 was my year of rest i.e. until Pastor M challenged us during the associates meeting on Jan 7th…Read More



Grace Neema - So when I attended Vision night, I was busy telling God to perform a miracle so that I get my big job and then I can afford to give for his work. But something Pastor M and Rev. Kwame said caught me in a strait jacket…Read more


Kanjii Mbugua - When Pastor Muriithi gave the challenge in January 2012 about giving towards the relocation, my wife and I had no doubt that we were going to participate. The last time that…Read More



Victor Owele - I am a rather reserved person, so putting my picture and story out there for others to read is not my cup of tea; but I felt compelled to share the things that God has done for me…Read More



Triza WaiyakiI first heard about the relocation and the giving at a ‘chama’ meeting I attended at the end of last year. I was initially quite hysterical, it seemed like a significant amount of money being raised, and I wondered why I was being asked to give my salary…Read More


Jade GichuriIn 2008 a friend of mine invited me to Mavuno for the money series. I think they just felt sorry for me because I had many issues …Read More



The Mukuria’s The opportunity that Mavuno Church has given to contribute for the land purchase is a Blessing from God. As a response to Gods love, my wife and I committed to give …Read More

5 thoughts on “Faith Stories

  1. What amazing stories! I have not given my pledge though its in my heart and I I plan tocontribute to Mavuno’s relocation. When I heard about the relocation I knew that I had to give as I have also received enormously from the Mavuno family. I am trusting that God will speak to me on what I should pledge based on some financial uncertainities as I am coming to the end of a job contract in June. Nevertheless I will give, More so because of what I have received from Mavuno. My marriage and parenting is amazing because of the teaching from the Ndoa and lea classes, and also from the nurturing that I receive each sunday. I wish that many more will be blessed through Mavuno as I have been. I am a better person, wife and mother!
    I am sad that Mavuno is moving since we already drive so far to come to bellevue and I do not see us being able to come to the new location. Either way I am giving because from Mavuno I HAVE RECEIVED SO MUCH MORE!

  2. This is my faith story..
    I am a 1.0, 2.0 and now a 3.0 Mavunite and i thank God for the so many things He has done through me. i have practically grown up in Mavuno all my christian. I have had so many faith stories including going for a mission to Rwanda, Germany and Garissa but this 3.0 has been my biggest. I am planning to relocate out of the country in a months time and from the beginning of the year i knew i had a huge toll to save given that i am self employed. so the count me in project came just at the ‘wrong’ time since i am also the eldest among my siblings and its my responsibility to school them. despite all this i knew in my heart that i had to be part of this change because Mavuno gave me a chance to grow from a boy, spiritually, emotionally, professionally and socially to become the man i am and i wanted to be part of the change that will give someone else a chance like me.
    this being the case i went to God on my knees and showed him my dilemma and God told me something that has changed everything and has become my faith story. God said what do you have in your hand, i said nothing..He said what would cost you to relocate, i did my maths and and gave Him the huge figure and He said, give pledge 10% of that amount and i will give you the 100% when you will be going. i went ahead without hesitation even though i had not slight idea of where i would get the money. i wrote the pledge and gave it in and gave myself up to the end of many ( the longest time) so that i would get time to agonize over it. but within no time i got good business that i paid my pledge…..and that was just the beginning since God not only made the 100% promise come through but also double it to 200%. as i write this, i have my visa, my ticket and i am planning to give more for the move…i have learnt the lesson of my time….i am just the manager but the resources belong to Him

    • I bless the Lord for you Bonny. It was inspiring to read your faith story.In deed i agree with you that God owns everything that we have, we are just stewards of his properties.

      I hope you’ve now familiarized yourself with the new environment since you left. May God raise men and women of faith to stand with you in your spiritual walk in you now new home.

      Back in kenya we certainly miss you. Blessings

  3. Mavuno church has been a blessing to my life.I have faced challenging times in my life for the past one yr but through going to church i now believe i am a stronger and better person.i am pledging an amount in my heart and i am believing that God will provide to me.I

  4. When i wrote down my pledge I was unemployed. I got a job early last year and I finished paying my pledge last Sunday. Truly God has been faithful and I plan to continue supporting the relocation by making an even bigger pledge this time. To God be the Glory.

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