The Mail Bag

Here are some of the comments we have received about “Count Me In”, our move to becoming Mavuno 3.0.

If you would like to send your thoughts and comments, we’d be glad to post some of them here.

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Esther Says: Hi, I pray that as you engage the church this weekend on the move to Mlolongo that you may find favor! This is my prayer….. And Moses said to him, “If your presence does not go with us, do not take us up from here. For how will it be known then that I have found favor in your sight, I and your people? Is it not by your going with us, so that we will be distinguished, I and your people, from all the people who are on the face of the earth?” -Exodus 33:15-16


David Says: Praise the Lord for the sermon today. Please send me the map to the location of the 32 acres. We are looking for a place (retirement home) to settle and want to work around this great vision.


Dr. Louis Says: Dear South C s finest, Trust all is well. I love the idea of Mavuno 3.0 @ Mlolongo. My wife and I had acquired some land in kitengela with the idea that once the standard gauge railway from Mlolongo to Nairobi gets done we’d have an easy transit to work, church and school. Seems God has things covered-still praying for the standard gauge railway. I recently took a risk and left my job to run a retail chain of pharmacies Haltons Pharma and an online one If part of the community centre model would include space for retailers then I’d love to support by letting space for a community pharmacy.  Will miss Mavuno 2.0 since that’s where my wife and I renewed our commitment to God and got married. Looking forward to renewing our marriage vows several decades from now at Mavuno 3.0. God bless us all.


6 thoughts on “The Mail Bag

  1. ALL IS POSSIBLE AND CLEARLY WE ARE GOING TO MOVE TO THE NEW PREMISES…God is going to provide in abundance from his faithful servants, no loan is going to be taken to cover this, I pray we don’t want the church to be in debt and am praying in trust that we will make it as a family, am yet to give my one months Salary to this and am trusting to do so by end of June.

  2. I believe with Pastor M, that this is possible. Mavuno, I believe we can raise the required 600M by the end of this year. I am taking a step of faith as I ‘get counted as one’

  3. On Sunday when we were asked those who are willing to contribute to stand up and be prayed for, I have never stood up in church before but this time round, i did.. i dont know how or why… i just felt like i needed to be part of the team to build Mavuno a new home. This church has transformed my life, i might not have done mizizi or be in a life group, but every sunday in the morning, i wake up looking forward to go and be blest, to hear the word of God. I have become a better person and im finally getting back my relationship with God. I have found him again and i would not want to loose Mavuno. I want everyone to experience what i have experienced… after doing this, i went to the office on monday and surprise surprise, out of the blues i got the biggest career break through of my life. I got a God sent promotion and i can now pledge more than i was willing to!!! I believe in miracles but not like this.. I thank God and i believe those prayers helped!!! May he continue to give more to those who give. I have been blest to bless others. Amen :)

  4. Hi,i believe in this vision and would like to make a difference in anyway.
    i have an idea of a different way to tap into the mavunites like me who haven”t found a way to contribute to the relocation vision.
    I remembered how Pastor M once said if you had a chance to keep aside a shilling a day, haba na haba will add up and make a difference. how about tapping into the sms industry. mavuno is tapped into the ministry of tech, so get a number for the church in which mavunites can subscribe to an amount to be deducted from thier credit everyday; it could be from 30bob for the teens to 200 bob for the working class.
    this way, it doesn”t matter how busy i get, i know that everyday am making a difference for my church. can you imagine how many can be able to tap into the contribution this way? And to make it different, instead of the drab message of 30 bob has been deducted for mavuno count me in, it can have a verse attached. To just remind us a mustard seed does count.
    just an idea.
    I believe that the will of God is at work in this mission and nothing will hold us back. Praise be to the living God, Amen :)

  5. Mavuno has a great vision especially in the spiritual and now physical development. My concern is, though the relocation is mainly locally originated and funded we have gone ahead and engaged foreign architects to design the Mlolongo home. Is it for lack of local capacity or why have we taken this direction and is there going to be any local content apart from the fund raising?. This is of great importance to me.

    In the last series we were talking about how to change our country Kenya. Is not engaging our local expertise part of the change we want to see? How will Kamau & Sons or Otieno, Mak’anyengo & Mulusa Conglomerate grow without local support. PENDA KENYA, NJENGA KENYA.

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